Big Peat Christmas 2019
New releases

Christmas is officially here!

Today, Douglas Laing, made the 9th Big Peat Christmas Edition official. It will be available from retailers in most markets this month, priced at around £55. In its usual fashion, the Christmas Edition is bottled without colouring […]

Laphroaig 16 yo Amazon Exclusive
New releases

Laphroaig 16 yo!

Laphroaig is finally releasing the 16 yo we wrote about a few months ago. It will be released this Monday, 9th September, exclusively in the European Amazon stores. Price is £89.99. Laphroaig has comfirmed to […]

The Macallan Aurora
New releases

The Macallan Aurora!

The first sign of the Macallan Aurora was seen in early 2018 when the trademark “The Macallan Aurora” was registered in the UK but it’s first today Edrington made the Macallan Aurora official. The Macallan […]