The Ardbeg Summer of Peat & Love!

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Ardbeg Peat & Love

Summer of Peat & Love är årets tema för kommande Ardbeg Day och the Magical Whisky Tour 2018.

Det 60-tals inspirerade Peat & Love-temat och detta årets Ardbeg Day-utgåva, Grooves, kommer att firas på Ardbeg Day på destilleriet på islay och i resten av Storbritannien under sommaren med namnet The Magical Whisky Tour 2018 vid olika evenemang.

Ett online-tasting-evenent hålls av Hard To Find Whisky, och flera Ardbeg Ambassader runtom i Storbritannien kommer att deltaga.

Dessa Ardbeg Ambassader kommer att deltaga lördagen den 2:a juni 2018:

  • Gordon & MacPhail, Elgin, Skottland
  • Luvians, Cupar, Skottland
  • Royal Mile Whiskies, Edinburgh, Skotlland
  • Vintage House / The Soho Whisky Club, London
  • The Wee Dram, Bakewell, The Peak District

The Magical Whisky Tour 2018

The Magical Whisky Tour 2018 inleds också på Ardbeg Day. Ardbeg’s 60-tals inspirerade Folkabuss kommer att resa runt i Storbritannien och stanna till vid musikfestivaler, Ardbeg Ambassader och barer för att sprida Peat & Love. Vi har pratat med Ardbeg och tyvärr finns inga planer i dagsläget att ta Ardbeg-bussen utanför landet.

The Magical Whisky Tour 2018 kommer att stanna till vid dessa musikfestivaler:

  • Euroica Brittania, 15th – 17th June, Derbyshire
  • Love Supreme, 29th June – 1st July, Lewes
  • Blue Dot Festival, 20th – 22nd July, Macclesfield
  • Kendall Calling, 26th – 29th July, Cumbria
Datum för de Ardbeg Ambassaserna som kommer att deltaga i The Magical Whisky Tour 2018 kommer att presenteras inom kort på Ardbegs hemsida.

Ardbeg Grooves Limited Edition

Ardbeg Grooves is a limited-edition bottling created to celebrate Ardbeg Day 2018. It is the Distillery’s first whisky with a heart matured in wine casks that have been intensely charred to carve heavy grooves in the surface of the wood. The result is a whisky with perfect harmony between smouldering, smoky cinnamon and the sweetness of vanilla popcorn, treacle and pear – with an intensity Ardbeg lovers will adore.

46% ABV, RRP £98

Tasting notes

Colour: Berbere (African spice blend of a reddish/orange hue)

Nose: Intense aromas of smoked cinnamon and paprika, antique leather and saddle soap, with classic Ardbeg scents of pine resin, tar and briny sea spray in the background. A distant hint of a fragrant bonfire by the shores of the distillery and, finally, an unusual savoury note, like chilli-seasoned meats. A little splash of water releases some beautiful, unexpected aromas: lavender scented soap, ground white pepper, floral and herbal notes entwined. Fresh flowers mix with coriander leaves and mint.

Taste: A powerfully salty mouthfeel drifts into sweet vibes of treacle toffee, vanilla popcorn, salted fruits with soot and tar. Again, those distinctive savoury notes of smoky BBQ, paprika and mustard spice, fading into an unexpected haze of smoked pears and apples, almost like pear cider.

Finish: Smoked paprika and bonfires with a mellow sweetness throughout.

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