2nd try! Ardbeg Grooves Committee Exclusive!

In a little over an hour, the 2nd try to release the Ardbeg Grooves Committee Exclusive will commence. At 10:00 AM Committee members from the UK can claim their bottle by clicking a link that was sent to them in an email earlier this morning. This means those of you that haven’t received any email will probably not be successful buying one from the Ardbeg webshop since the email explicitly says “The only way to buy a bottle online will be to click here…”. A queue system seems to finally be in place as well!

At the 1st attempt to release the Ardbeg Grooves to its Committee members an Ardbeg spokesperson said the server issues were only related to buyers from the UK and Germany, meaning Committee members from France was not affected. As we reported last week the release of just over 1000 bottles in Sweden sold out in just five seconds, but due to regulations of the monopoly alcohol stores in Sweden the bottle tag was not included which has agitated?a few buyers.

We hope this time everything will go smoothly for those wanting to secure a bottle!

Ardbeg Grooves Committee Exclusive bottle