Scottish whisky becomes British whisky!

Oh no they didn?t? Yes they did!

Marks&Spencer, M&S, started last year to label and market Scottish whisky as British while whisky distilled south of the border was as earlier labeled as English.

The practice started as early as in late summer of 2017. Customers were told they, M&S, would ?look into it?. When nothing changed and being asked again the company simply replied that since few complaints had been made it seemed the customers were fine with the new labeling. In other words M&S would not change anything.

Instead things got worse. Scottish gin was now labeled as British gin. English gin was still English gin!

Disgruntled complaining Scottish customers was even more stunned this Christmas when the big retailer defended their actions with a long rant from a customer service representative :

?I have received the email from you regarding your order and I am able to inform you that the National Scottish Referendum has taken place and the majority of Scotland decided that the lovely country of Scotland would belong in and stay within the UK and will be a part of the country known as England.?

It continues. :

?I know that it is hard to get used to but I have come around to the idea that Scotland is part of the United Kingdom…?

The rant goes on and on and even includes Scottish dogs and salmon.

It?s not the first time M&S annoys the Scots, in 2014 one of their top executives spoke out against a Yes vote in the independence referendum.

The Scottish, British?, newspapers got hold of the story late last week and now Scottish whisky and gin are finally back to being Scottish once again.

M&S are not in the clear though!

Comments on social media claimed many M&S?s in Scotland were caught hiding the newspapers on the day the article about British whisky and gin was reported.

Rumour goes M&S will promote British Haggis just in time for Burns Night. Only at your M&S as their logo says!