Ardbeg Grooves Committee Exclusive status update!!

By now no one has missed the unfortunate attempt to release this year’s Committee Exclusive from Ardbeg earlier this week.

The release was planned for 9 AM this Wednesday for Committee members from Germany, France and the UK. However, an Ardbeg spokesperson only said the server overload affected Committee members from Germany and the UK.

The Ardbeg spokesperson also said the new attempt of the release will probably be next week, and that info will be sent out to Committee members within the next few days

Reports from a few people in these countries being able to purchase a bottle on Wednesday have been seen. Most of them have no idea how they were lucky. One said, “I just reset my password, and when I tried to log in I was successful?and a bottle of Ardbeg Grooves was in my cart.”. These lucky few seem to have received their bottles yesterday!

The Ardbeg Grooves Committee Exclusive was also released in Sweden yesterday and it was sold out within five seconds, read more here…

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