Ardbeg Grooves Committee Release comes to Sweden on the 15th of March

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UPDATE 8 March: For the latest about Ardbeg Grooves, read more here…

Ardbeg Grooves will be released in Sweden at Systembolaget on Thursday the 15th of March. 1546 bottles will be available priced at 899 SEK (?79 / 109 USD / 88 EUR). This is the Committee Release, meaning it has beige labels, no box, higher ABV and a bottle tag. It’s meant to be released only for members of Ardbeg’s Committee Release, but the Swedish alcohol monopoly makes this virtually impossible to just sell to these members. A few years ago it was solved by only sending the article number to members, but the article number could, of course, be given to anyone making it not the best solution and now it can be bought by anyone in Sweden.

Systembolaget release info states ABV to 51%. However, we believe it’s due to the formatting of their Excel-template not stating any decimals.

Please note the labels below are from the US version.


Ardbeg Grooves Committee Release

Art. nr.: 40233-01

ABV: 51.6%

No of bottles: 1546

Price: 899 SEK




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