Ardbeg lost its Groove?

Ardbeg was to release its annual Committee Exclusive today at 10 AM. Committee members were first met by a notice saying the servers were down due to maintenance, later it was replaced by a notice saying the webshop had some issues with the “anticipated” server load.

Then finally members could reach the webshop only to realise their username was not recognised, trying 5 times and the system locked the account. Trying to reset the password was sometimes successful but many times not.

Now, over an hour after the supposed release, the issues have not been solved.

I guess most of us anticipated things would go this way today. Some of you may remember Laphroaig’s release last year being postponed, only to end in a ballot.


UPDATE 11:27 AM:

As usual, contradictory information on Twitter from Committee Members having reached Ardbeg over the phone. Some claims the release has been delayed until next week at the earliest(!). Then others, also having reached Ardbeg over the phone, saying the release is just delayed a bit but will go on sale later today.


Ardbeg lost its Groove?