Ardbeg Traigh Bhan!

Today, Ardbeg made the Traigh Bhan (pronounced Tri-van’) 19 year old we told you about earlier this year official.

This is the first release with an age statement for 20 years that will be included in Ardbeg’s core range. It will be released annually and Ardbeg says: “… each annual batch of Traigh Bhan will feature a unique code on the carton, bottle and foot label. With subtle differences in flavour profiles each year…”.

It will be available from Ardbeg Embassies and in September and in the UK it will have a RRP of £169. Ardbeg told us the Traigh Bhan will be available in the UK, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Hong Kong, Canada, Sweden, Australia, China, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, USA, Belgium, Dubai, South Korea, Russia, New Zealand, and India.

Official tasting notes

Age: Guaranteed 19 Years Old         

ABV:  46.2%   

Matured in:  American oak & Oloroso sherry casks 

Colour: Bronze

Aroma:  Gentle ripples of smoky pineapple, soured cream and wood smoke make for an irresistible nose. Newly planed oak and supple dark leather sing to your soul as sweet toffee and liquorice draw you in.  A splash of water releases a surge of unexpected notes. Struck flint, herbal pine resin and coal tar effervesce towards citrusy lime sherbet and subtle, yet sweet vanilla cheesecake. 

Taste:  The peaty power of this alluring spirit is undeniable, as it plunges your palate into its smoky depths.  An intensely salty mouthfeel drifts into sweet and sour notes of smoked chili chocolate and paprika. Waves of toasted oak and roasted tea leaves emerge, before subsiding to reveal fresh peppermint fondant and salted white chocolate. 

Finish:  Firm but gentle, soothing wood smoke carries into a length, lingering finish – resonating far beyond the glass.