Big Peat Christmas 2018 Limited Edition!

Big Peat Christmas 2018

Douglas Laing announced today the 10th edition of their Big Peat Christmas Limited Edition. The 2018 edition is bottled at cask strength, 53.9% ABV. It will be available from this September on most market and will retail at ?55. 18,000 bottles available worldwide.

Cara Laing, Director of Whisky at her family?s firm (Douglas Laing), comments:

?You can expect a big, ashy, beachy, oceanic and smoky message in the bottle, all the way from the island of Islay. During the festive season, that chimney soot connection seems particularly appropriate, being the entry point of our gift-laden Saint Nick himself. Big Peat?s Christmas limited edition has become truly synonymous with the season, setting us up nicely as we prepare to celebrate his 10th birthday in 2019.?