Charity auction! Port Ellen 34 year old!

Douglas Laing Port Ellen 34 yo

Fred Laing and Greg Dillon meet for the whisky industry’s inaugural charity squash event!

The original prize was a Crunchie bar for Fred if he won, and a rare Port Ellen 34 year old from Fred’s personal whisky collection for Greg if he won. One could argue the prizes probably wasn’t on par in value. Having said that, no photos have yet surfaced of the mentioned Crunchie bar! Before the match started the two gentlemen decided whoever won, the Port Ellen was to be signed and auctioned for the winner’s charity.

The match ended with Fred won with three games to one.


About the whisky

This bottle of Port Ellen 34 Year Old, fresh from Fred Laing?s personal collection and originally retailing at ?1,500 is from the legendary dead distillery of Port Ellen on Islay was distilled in May of 1982, before being charged from one refill hogshead cask – barrel DL#11481 – and bottled November 2016.

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About the charities

Ollie’s Army

Children with Battens Disease cannot make an enzyme that is responsible for eliminating waste that builds up in the brain. Over time affected children suffer worsening seizures and progressive loss of sight and motor skills. Eventually children with Battens Disease become blind, tube fed, bedridden, and unable to communicate.

Currently there is not treatment for Battens Disease. Battens Disease is always fatal.

Greg Dillon on why he chose Ollie’s Army: ?Batten?s is a devastating rare genetic disease, we have a little boy ourselves and the story of Ollie and his sister really touched myself and my family. No child or parent should have to suffer in this way, which is why we are not only supporting this great cause, but why I was willing to be flung all over the court by Fred in order to raise funds?

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the RAF Benevolent Fund

The RAF Benevolent Fund is the RAF’s leading welfare charity with a proud tradition of looking after its own. They are there for all serving and former members of the RAF as well as their partners and dependent children.?”

Fred Laing on his choice: “my Dad, FDL, the company founder was an RAF man through and through, and when returned from World War II unscathed, the Scotch Whisky business became his focus. We bottled a butt of Braeval back in 2013 with all proceeds going to the RAF Benevolent Fund, and now the company is seen as part of the RAF family. We try to help this great cause, particularly in this, the RAF?s 100th Anniversary year whenever possible?

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About the Crunchie bar

Unfortunately, no word about what happened with Crunchie bar but we are hoping one will be sent with the Port Ellen to the lucky winner.