Please take a moment to read about Drampedia Rumor rating.

If you have a rumor you want to tell us about please contact us!

We have chosen to call some news rumors, simply because there is no official word backing it up. We rate our rumors according to the below chart.

Please remember rumors are rumors, no matter source!



Word on the street. Unconfirmed source. The information stems from one single source. These rumours are likely but cannot be confirmed by a credible source or two separate sources.



Information from distributors, shops or credible sources. Rumours are usually spot on, however, some information can be inaccurate or missing.

Example: Distillery A is releasing a 15-year-old expression in September 2018.

This means the above example can be inaccurate in which month it?ll be released and missing that it?s a limited edition and not a core range addition.



Information marked as DN3 are from sources usually distilleries or people/entities affiliated with distilleries.