Game of Thrones whiskies, how are they doing on Amazon UK?

Diageo?s Game of Throne whiskies

The Game of Thrones whiskies from Diageo went live today, but how have they been doing saleswise on Amazon UK from the pre-orders began up till now?

Game of Thrones Best Sellers

  1. Oban Little Bay Reserve
  2. Dalwhinnie Winter?s Frost
  3. Royal Lochnagar 12 yo
  4. Clynelish Reserve
  5. Cardhu Gold Reserve
  6. Talisker Select Reserve
  7. Game of Thrones Set (all 8 whiskies)
  8. Lagavulin 9 yo
  9. The Singleton of Glendullan Select

This gives us the following House-ranking:

  1. The Night?s Watch
  2. House Stark
  3. House Baratheon
  4. House Tyrell
  5. House Targaryen
  6. House Greyjoy
  7. House Lannister
  8. House Tully

If we?d take Johnnie Walker the White Walker into account as well, it would come in on 2nd place during the same period.

Comparing 1st place and 9th place, unit wise, reveals Oban Little Bay Reserve has sold around 62% more than the The Singleton of Glendullan Select.

Now I am sure some of you are wondering who is the overall best sellers in the whisky category on Amazon UK, to some it may be a bit disappointing finding out that top three best sellers are:

  1. Jack Daniel?s Gentleman Jack
  2. Maker?s Mark Bourbon
  3. The Glenlivet Founder?s Reserve

A special thanks goes out to Vali Craciun for helping out with the sales figures