Glencairn reveals record figures!

Glencairn directors

Glencairn shows record growth globally year on year.

The Glasgow-based family owned Glencairn has revealed they have for the first time broken through the ?10 million revenue barrier. This has been possible by the increase in revenues by 20% year on year which is the largest increase in the company’s history since its start in 1981.

Other firsts for Glencairn in 2017 is that its export sales overtook its domestic market. Today, the export market contributes to 60% of the overall sales. The USA is the largest single market and now equates to nearly a third of the overall sales. Glencairn is probably best known for their world-renowned Glencairn Glass which probably every whisky enthusiast owns, but they also make?luxury decanters and other tailormade glassware.

In the future, we are hoping we will be able to show you some of their excellent work other than the Glencairn Glass.

Scott Davidson, New Product Development Director said: ?We are incredibly proud of our business growth over the past year, especially with our increasing focus on export markets. Our premium decanter and bottle business places us a world leader in this market. Coupled with our strong relationships with distilleries and businesses in the USA, Europe and the Far East has meant that we have exceeded all of our business expectations.?

?In addition, consumers, globally, are looking to enhance their spirit drinking moments, to savour and learn as they enjoy their whisky and, as part of the serve experience, they are seeking quality glassware that is proven to enhance their favourite dram. Growth in demand for our Glencairn Glass is a testimony to that.?

Glencairn was founded in 1981 but it was not until 2001 the world famous Glencairn Glass was created. More than 3 million Glencairn Glasses are made every year to be distributed to over 70 countries around the world.