GlenDronach Batch 16 availability in the UK?

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This week, GlenDronach batch 16 has reached many specialist shops around the UK. The larger shops seem to have been allocated one case per bottle, while many smaller shops that were given an allocation of the previous batches have received none as we reported in an earlier post.

One of the most common questions I have received these days is “How do I get hold of any of the bottles in batch 16?”. Well, the boring answer is either by luck (for example Green Welly Shop’s ballot) or by calling directly to whisky shops around the UK.

Many shops tend not to advertise having them or putting them on their online shops, possibly because many have already taken pre-orders and their allocation is gone since long.

Prices are fluctuating as well. Some have gone 10-15% above the RRP, while others have set a lower price than the RRP by a few pounds.


  1. Wow … I must say that I spent 2 weeks looking at stores web sites trying to score a bottle of one of the 1992’s (I live in the U.S, batch not released here from what i’ve read). I just happened to look at one’s web site at the right time and, after not being able to pay for one bottle before it sold out, was able to get one of the others (it sold out only minutes later). Such demand, and, when i eventually open it on a special occaision, hopefully worth the time, affort, and $$$ …

    • Thanks for the comment Matthew! Yes, it?s been so hard tracking down even one of the bottles in batch 16. Bottles being available online in shops sold out virtually within minutes. It seems that many shops never advertised having them, so the best bet was to call the shops asking them. But well done you for finally being able to buy one, I?m sure it?s worth all the time you put into it! I hope we will be able to post soon when we know when it?ll be available in the US, it seems the allocation outside the UK/Europe is larger for this batch!

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