Highland Park – Bishop William the Old!

Time for another new Highland Park single cask, this time it is once again time for a new release in my old home country Sweden!

Maybe you remember there was a Highland Park single cask released in 2017 in Sweden for the Bishop Arms pubs that were not sold to the public?

Well, it seems this one will be released after all to the public as well. 140 bottles will be released at Systembolaget later this month.


UPDATED 13 March 2018

This bottle was released yesterday. To be able to buy it you had to have a special link to Systembolaget which directed you to the bottle. The bottle

could/can not be found by simply searching for it with name or article no. The link was still up late Monday and orders could still be made, but we are guessing

many will receive an email saying it’s been sold out in a day or two having their orders cancelled.


Read more about the Highland Park single cask series here…

Highland Park?Bottled for The Bishops Arms – Bishop William the Old

Age: 12 yo

Distilled : 2004

Bottled : 2017

Cask no : 6712

Cask type : European Oak Sherry Butt

ABV : 63.1%


Highland Park - Bishop William the Old
Photo: Fredrich Sylvander