Highland Park Viking Tribe!

Highland Park Viking Tribe

The Amazon exclusive Highland Park Viking Tribe will go on sale on the 20th November on Amazon. Bottled at 46% and priced at ?43.

Product description

Introducing Highland Park Viking Tribe, a rare and exceptional single malt bottling at marrying strength of 46% ABV. Bottling at 46% ABV (compared to 40% or 43% as is normal) allows the whisky to be filtered at a higher ambient temperature. The result is intensified flavours of citrus fruits, sweet vanilla and peppery spices, balanced with Highland Park’s characteristic aromatic smokiness. The term ‘marrying strength’ refers to the marrying process, which gives this whisky valuable time to harmonise in the cask before being bottled.

A deliberately slow and unhurried stage, long since abandoned by many distilleries, cask harmonisation remains one of our five keystones of Highland Park production. The selected casks are combined together with natural spring water to reduce the strength of this whisky to 46% ABV, before leaving the newly married spirit to rest in casks for at least a month. During that resting period, flavours from the different casks harmonise, gathering depth and consistency.