Islay Gin – Nerabus Batch 2!

Islay Gin Nerabus
(c) Islay Gin Ltd.

Batch 2 of Nerabus from Islay Gin is now available!

As we wrote earlier, the Nerabus from Islay Gin was released during this year’s Feis Ile Festival. Batch 1, consisting of 500 bottles, quickly sold out and was only available on the Isle of Islay. Audrey Gow, director of Islay Gin, said: “What a great launch day we all had, – the music was playing, cocktails were shaking, the hog was roasted and the Nerabus Gin was flowing. The Nerabus cocktails were a total hit; the Nerabus Wilderness, Nerabus Blossom and Nerabus ?? and the Nerabus Negroni…”

She continues: “People have different taste palates but you either have a sweet tooth or not. If you have a sweet tooth, our Nerabus Islay Gin is best served with Fever Tree Aromatic, and if you don?t have a sweet palate then it is really nice with light tonic (a good one) with 2 drops of Angostura Bitters. Both options with a slice of lime (not squeezed) and a large block of ice (not lots of crushed ice as it dilutes the flavours) or just straight up with a block of ice.”

Batch 2 has now been released and for the first time,?gin lovers around the world have?the?possibility to try this very exciting?handcrafted heather infused dry London gin.

Nerabus Batch 2 can be bought from various outlets on the Isle of Islay, two shops on the Scottish mainland, and one webshop for national and worldwide deliveries.

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Islay Gin – Nerabus Batch 2
Heather infused Dry London Gin
ABV: 42%
Price: ?37

Available from:

(shop) Whisky West Coast, Tarbert
(shop) Hammerton’s, Aberdeen
(webshop) Distiller’s Market