Jura goes peaty and launches new Signature Series!

Jura goes peaty!

Today Jura Single Malt Whisky launched a new direction for the distillery. The existing range consisting of Diurach’s Own, Origin, Propechy, Superstition, will be replaced by 5 new expressions in the Jura Signature Series.

Jura themselves wants to describe the series as:

…five unique whiskies, each sweet with a hint of subtle smoke.

The 5 new whiskies will be launched worldwide in April this year, rrp starts from ?33 up to ?75 for the 18-year-old?expression.


UPDATE: 6 Mar 2018, Parts of the new Signature Series is now exclusively available from the Whisky Shop ahead of the general release in April


Jura Signature Series

The Journey

American White Oak Ex-Bourbon

40% ABV

Price: ?33

Taste notes:? Gold with a refined balance of rich fruit and gentle smoky notes. Aroma of vanilla; citrus to taste; toffee fudge to finish.


Jura 10

American White Oak Ex-Bourbon with an Oloroso sherry cask finish

40% ABV

Price: ?38

Taste notes:?Copper gold with a rich and rounded balance of subtle smoky notes with a sweet Sherry cask finish. Aroma of dark chocolate; nectarines to taste; ground coffee to finish.


Jura 12

American White Oak Ex-Bourbon with an Oloroso sherry cask finish

40% ABV

Price: ?45

Taste notes:?Golden hue with a rich and indulgent balance of subtly smoky notes with a sweet sherry cask finish. Aroma of chocolate; liquorice to taste; soft smoke to finish


Seven Wood

Seven Select French Oak and 1st Fill American Oak Ex-Bourbon

42% ABV

Price: ?59

Taste notes:?Mahogany gold with a rare tropical richness and a hint of smoke. Aroma of peach; candied orange to taste; subtle smoke to finish.


Jura 18

American White Oak Ex-Bourbon with a Red Wine Cask Finish

44% ABV

Price: ?75

Taste notes:?Rosewood in colour with a rich and full-bodied red wine finish and refined smoky notes. Aroma of toffee; black forest fruits to taste; bitter chocolate to finish.


Jura 5 new whiskies