Kilchoman Comraich Batch 1 on its way to the US

Kilchoman Comraich Batch 1 is on its way to the US!

First findings of the Kilchoman Comraich was at the Cinderella Whisky Fair in January 2018 and it is now destined for a US release.?No pricing information is known for the release in the US, the price at the Cinderella Whisky Fair was equivalent to 109 USD.

If this will be sold in the US to the public in specialised whisky stores or only at whisky festivals and/or certain bars as a dram is not known. The Kilchoman Comraich was intended to be sold at a few chosen bars around the world. Comraich is Gaelic for sanctuary, and the meaning is that Kilchoman fans all over the world should be able to visit those chosen bars finding that special sanctuary.

Whiskybase has information regarding another release of the Kilchoman Comraich Batch 1 being bottled at 58.5% ABV on 14th Aug 2017, the photo below is of that bottle coming from an Asian website. This is possibly a release for the Asian market.


Kilchoman Comraich Batch 1

Cask no: 146/2007 – Cask type: Bourbon – Distilled: 13.6.2007

Cask no: 265/2007 – Cask type: Bourbon – Distilled:29.8.2007

Cask no: 419/2007 – Cask type: Sherry – Distilled:4.12.2007

ABV: 55.5%

Bottled: 14.10.2017

No of bottles: 1019


Kilchoman Comraich Batch 1 (Whiskybase version, Asian market?)

ABV: 58.5%

Bottled: 14.08.2017

No of bottles: 1019

Kilchoman Comraich front label Kilchoman Comraich back label Kilchoman Comraich Asian version