Macallan Folio 3!

Macallan Folio 3 release day

Macallan Folio 3 was released on the 3rd of May, the first day of Spirit of Speyside.

People started queueing already at 4 AM and the cut-off seemed to have been around 8 AM when Macallan staff started to inform newcomers no bottles were going to be available to them.

I can?t remember when standing in a queue for more than 3 hours felt this short. Lovely people. Friends. Old and young. Many interesting stories and discussions! Even the sun was shining now and then!

Entertainment at Macallan while queuing for Folio 3

Shortly after 8 AM the first Visitors Centre staff arrived looking genuily surprised by the outturn of people standing queuing. Sweets were handed out and soon one staff member came out entertaining us by playing the violin!

My estimate is around 200 people were successful purchasing a Macallan Folio 3. For those of you who missed out have to wait for the result of the ballot. Staff members of Macallan were able to buy Folio 3 earlier this week as well.

Hopefully,?there will be bottles left supporting the rumour saying a very limited number of Folio 3 will be available when the new Visitors Centre will open later this Summer.