SMWS bottles confiscated (an update)

Earlier this week we reported bars and restaurants in Canada having their rare whisky bottles from the independent bottler Scotch Malt Whisky Society, SMWS, confiscated.

Any official statement from the authorities has still not been made, more than they claim they comply with the current legislation.

Canada has, just like Sweden, a relative strict alcohol legislation and the law stipulates all alcohol for sale at bars and restaurants are only to be purchased from government controlled and owned channels.

However, bars and restaurants have for many years bought rare and collectable whisky from independent whisky importers. The government turned a blind eye to it. In the past, we might now add. These independent whisky importers are legal alcohol resellers but only directly to the public. Their alcohol is not allowed to be sold to bars and restaurants to be resold to customers.

This means the only crime these bars and restaurants have committed is buying whisky from non-allowed channels. Taxes and other formalities have been handled correctly.

No matter your opinion about the legislation no one should really be surprised by the government enforcing the law. The issue at hand is rather why this happened now, and why only against one particular bottler?