Springbank releases 3 new bottlings!

Springtime is a busy time for Springbank, announcing 3 new bottlings!

Yesterday, Springbank announced it has released 3 new bottlings in the UK. Hazelburn 13 yo Sherry Wood, Longrow 18 yo, and Springbank 21 yo was released and of course they are all 2018 Limited Editions.


Hazelburn Sherry Wood
Age: 13 yo
Distilled: Oct 2004
Bottled: Apr 2018
Cask type: Oloroso
ABV: 47.4%
No. of bottles: 9,000 bottles
RRP: ?55

Taste notes
Nose: Full bodied; creamy and rich with dark chocolate. Rose petals and ginger biscuit snaps with freshly brewed espresso?coffee.?Palate: Bursting with fresh cream and strawberries, all developing due to the maturation in Oloroso Sherry; Turkish delight, clotted cream, strawberry jam followed by marzipan and?walnuts.?Finish: Brown sugar, dates and toffee; sticky toffee pudding! Cream coffee liqueur, red apple peels, banana chips, vanilla and black?pepper.


Longrow (heavily peated)
Age: 18 yo
Cask type: 60% Sherry Casks & 40% Bourbon Casks
ABV: 46%
No. of bottles: ? (2017 Limited Edition was available in 4,500 bottles)
RRP: ?89

Taste notes

Nose: Elegant and refined. Sea salt and Wakame seaweed followed by pine cones, wood shavings and?honey.?Palate: Rich and creamy with subtle peat and juicy sweet flavours. Salted popcorn, Tofu, Butterscotch and Vanilla. Tobacco leaf, wood shavings and Black Forest?gateau.?Finish: Pecan nuts followed by soft peaty embers with dark chocolate and earthy?notes.


Age: 21 yo
Cask type: 70% Rum Casks & 30% Bourboun Casks
ABV: 46%
No. of bottles: ? (2017 Limited Edition was available in 3,800 bottles)
RRP: ?186

Taste notes

Nose: A burst of heather and freshly mowed grass followed by honey, pear skin and wood shavings. Hints of butter; cheesecake, fresh cream and digestive?biscuit.?Taste: Elegant and gentle. Butterscotch and vanilla, sugar cane and molasses develop as the influence from the rum casks engulfs the palate with apricots, peaches and?paprika.?Finish: A soft smokiness is present in the background. Toffee apples, raisins and oat biscuits emerge. In the foreground; peppercorn, almonds and apricot jam are?prominent.


Photos by Springbank