The Glenlivet Enigma!

The Glenlivet Enigma

The Glenlivet is to release their fourth release where the Glenlivet encourages the whisky drinker having the experience of drinking the whisky without any preconceptions of its content, this is made by not excluding any information about its content except for the ABV.

The new release will follow Alpha, Cipher, and this year’s release Code, not too surprising the upcoming release is named Enigma.


The Glenlivet Enigma
Release year: TBA
ABV: 48%
Price: TBA

The Glenlivet Code
Release year: 2018
ABV: 48%
Number of bottles: 10,000 bottles
Price: ?100

The Glenlivet Cipher
Release year: 2016
ABV: 48%
Number of bottles: 33,000 bottles
Price: ?85

The Glenlivet Alpha
Release year: 2013
ABV: 50%
Number of bottles: 3,350 bottles
Price: ?95

The Glenlivet EnigmaThe Glenlivet Enigma