The Macallan opening, but what may be on sale?

The Macallan new visitor experience centre

The new distillery and visitor experience centre at the Macallan opens its doors next week, but what may be on sale?

Rumours all over the internet are talking about three bottles being available. Folio 3, Edition 4, and the Genesis. The Macallan Genesis is supposedly a release celebrating the opening of the site, 2500 bottles at ?600+ are rumoured. Photos of the Genesis have been seen on various social media. There is also talks about a second Genesis bottle, this one is 72 years old but no information other than that is currently known.


  1. No bottlings coming out first 3-4 months confirmed by senior staff memeber today.

    • Thank you Mark! I heard that as well. I guess the bottlings will be there when they will be there. Probably when we least expect it 🙂

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