The Macallan releases Genesis!

Yesterday, the Macallan released the Genesis which commemorates its new distillery and visitors centre. A total of 2500 will be released, 500 of these are marked for the Macallan Boutique in Singapore. Only 360 bottles were released yesterday, when and how the rest will be released is not known.

The bottle retailed at ?495, though secondary market price indicates a market value on and above ?2,000.

The release was chaotic, to say the least, no queuing was allowed outside the distillery grounds which gave the Moray police a difficult time controlling the traffic and people walking up and down the country road waiting for the gates to be opened at 09.30 AM. We saw at least one incident involving ambulance and eventually, the road was closed by the police due to safety reasons.

Macallan Genesis qeue
People qeueing on the road outside the Macallan distillery