Two new Highland Park single casks for Sweden!

Two new single casks will be released in Sweden on the 4th of April, both named ?Sweden LTD Edition 2018?. We will not be surprised if we will se 2018:3 and even 2018:4 later this year.

**Highland Park Sweden LTD Edition 2018:1**
**Distilled:** 2003
**Bottled:** 2018
**Age:** 14 yo
**Cask no.:** 6147
**Cask type:** 1st fill European Oak Sherry Butt
**ABV:** 59%
**No. Of bottles:** 575 bottles
**Price:** 1199 SEK

**Highland Park Sweden LTD Edition 2018:2**
**Distilled:** 2003
**Bottled:** 2018
**Age:** 15 yo
**Cask no.:** 4462
**Cask type:** 1st fill American Oak Sherry Puncheon
**ABV:** 59.9%
**No. Of bottles:** 600 bottles (our guess since the photo is not high-res enough to be certain)
**Price:** 1199 SEK

Highland Park Sweden LTD Edition 2018:1
Highland Park Sweden LTD Edition 2018:2